Responsible Tourism

Glen Aros Country Estate is committed to protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources. To this end we have instituted the following procedures.

  • Buying local produce and products wherever possible
  • Growing many of our own vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Composting organic waste for the garden
  • Using biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products
  • Switching off appliances at the power point when not in use
  • Turning off lights, equipment and air conditioning or heating when not required
  • Introducing energy saving devices such as eco light bulbs and reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Ensuring optimum energy conservation by the use of top quality insulation throughout the premises
  • Recycling of all waste paper and cardboard, plastics, cans and glass
  • Composting or recycling of all garden waste
  • Efficiently using energy, water, office products, fuel and other resources to ensure our business reduces the environmental impact
  • Using natural New Zealand made toiletries

Our staff is trained in responsible tourism practices and in this respect we welcome suggestions from guests and other visitors.