Driving Directions to/from Cape Kidnappers Golf Course

From Glen Aros Country Estate to Cape Kidnappers Golf Course

The gate for Cape Kidnappers Golf Course is at 448 Clifton Road, Te Awanga and it takes 10 to 15 minutes to drive to the club house from the gate.
Total driving time from Glen Aros is approximately 50 to 55 minutes.
At the Glen Aros gate turn right into Raukawa Road. Drive down Raukawa Road for around 15 kms or 10 minutes and enter Bridge Pa township.
Turn right and you are now on Maraekakaho Road. Keep going until you reach the first roundabout (you will pass Hastings Golf Club on your left). Go straight through this roundabout. You are now on Longlands Road.
The next intersection is at Railway Road, the main highway (SH2) to Wellington. Go straight ahead, crossing over the railway line. You are now on Te Aute Road which will lead you into Havelock North. (It takes 20 minutes to drive to Havelock North from Glen Aros Country Estate). From the roundabout in the centre of the village take Napier Road, the second exit on the left.
Follow Napier Road until you reach the intersection with Lawn Road. Turn right into Lawn Road. Pass straight through the first roundabout staying on Lawn Road. At the next roundabout turn right towards Te Awanga/Cape Kidnappers into Mill Road. Cross over the Tukituki River via Black Bridge. Veer left into Parkhill Road and then veer right, staying on Parkhill Road. Turn left into East Road (you are now facing the ocean).
At the 'T' intersection with Clifton Road, turn right and follow the coast towards Te Awanga village. Pass through the village over the bridge and Cape Kidnappers Golf Club is the third driveway on the right.

From Cape Kidnappers to Glen Aros Country Estate

Approximate driving time 50 to 55 minutes
Take the road from the golf course club house down to the gate on Clifton Road. Turn left. Pass over the bridge and through Te Awanga Village.
Follow Clifton Road until you reach East Road. Turn left into East Road (the ocean is now behind you). Turn right into Parkhill Road. Veer left and then veer right and cross over the Tukituki River via Black Bridge into Mill Road. At the roundabout turn left into Lawn Road in the direction of Havelock North.
At the next roundabout head straight through and stay on Lawn Road. At the intersection with Napier Road turn left, then follow Napier Road all the way into Havelock North. At the central roundabout in Havelock North, exit using Te Aute Road (this is the fourth on the left after you enter the roundabout).
Follow Te Aute Road all the way until you reach the railway line which you cross over and then immediately cross over the main highway (SH2) to Wellington.
You are now on Longlands Road. Follow it until you reach a roundabout. Here go straight ahead in the direction of Bridge Pa. You are now on Maraekakaho Road. You will pass Hastings Golf Club and Hastings Aerodrome on your right and soon enter Bridge Pa township.
Just after you pass the white Church of the Latter Day Saints, turn left into Raukawa Road and drive for approximately ten minutes to Glen Aros.
Glen Aros directions